Management Advice For New Managers

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Welcome to everyone interested in learning about management! This small site started out as only a repository of knowledge for management training – directed specifically at those that were new to management. However as time passed, it has grown to include all areas of business from management, to sales, to leadership, to… you-name-it! Advice for new managers can be confusing, or can gloss over some of the things that rookies struggle with. I hope to address those issues here.

If you are looking for leadership training, then you’ve come to the right place. Even if all you need to do is brush up on your business terminology definitions, I’ve got that covered. If you are looking to improve your business decision making skills, or are just investigating the decision making process in management, you can find something here to give you a little guidance. The importance of training and development is crucial to your career as well as your team.

If you are fresh out of school and searching for your first management job, you can brush up on your interviewing skills here. When you think of what qualities leadership entails, you’ll want to see my offerings along those lines. If you are the manager that does the hiring in your organization, then I can help you from that end as well.

One of the fundamental questions in business is: what is a good manager? You may be surprised by the answer. Are you a good manager?

Gossip is something new managers often don’t know how to handle. And it goes both ways. There will always be people that gossip about the boss. And you should know what great managers can say and what great managers should not say to their employees.

If employee appreciation or employee recognition is what you are investigating, I’ve got help on that topic, as well. Maybe managing team conflict is what you are struggling with. Disgruntled employees often have anger management issues that you’ll need help with. I’ve noticed that managerial problem solving is often a weak skill for new mangers. Fear not! I’ve got you covered there, too!

Managers are often concerned about job performance evaluations, or possibly or wondering what sort of evaluation comments to put on an employee appraisal form, or maybe just looking for advice on managing employees’ performance to build a stronger workforce. Most important is to give fair evaluations. I’ve even got sample evaluation comments for you.

I hope you are wise enough to realize that managers do not know everything. You will need to rely on your team to accomplish everything that needs to get done. Utilize the ideas and strength of your team. But understand that everyone screws up… how you handle it makes a huge difference in how you advance as a manager. Don’t rely only on the old school management style to badger your team. Build them up instead.

I’ve posted a couple of general advice articles with tips for new managers. If you are searching for exact steps for managing your employees effectively, look no further.

Perhaps you have a specific problem you are dealing with as a manager. Figuring out how to motivate your employees or how to deal with slow employees can be particularly difficult problems sometimes. Building effective team communication is another continuous task. Learning how to delegate effectively can be particularly important to new managers. And to delegate effectively requires some leadership skills, too. Of course, management is not for everyone.

Some of you are not in management, but are looking for general business advice. Learn how to get promoted at work with some research and a little negotiation. More and more these days, the art of negotiation is necessary at work. If you feel you deserve a pay raise, you may need advice about how to negotiate salary with your boss. After all, even managers get evaluated. If you are in Purchasing, you may find that you need to learn how to negotiate with vendors and suppliers.

If you are in Sales and are interested in how to improve sales, I have answers. From sales prospecting to sales territory management, I’ll help you increase sales and increase customer loyalty no matter what your product or service. Ever seen those customer rewards programs? Loyalty cards are just one strategy to help customer loyalty.

On occasion, many people will be asked to give a speech at work. But do you know how to give a good speech without getting nervous? I’ve got some helpful tips for you.