Anger Management Training

Anger Management Techniques

Anger management training is more valuable than ever. 20% of Americans have a problem with anger management. Evolution has made anger a natural emotion that allows us to fend off threats or attacks on our well being. Anger, of course, is not the problem. Managing anger is the problem. Rage and mis-managed anger are a main cause of turmoil in professional, as well as personal, relationships.

One of the biggest problems facing American businesses these days is anger and the violence it often entails. A recent Gallup poll revealed that 20% of employees became angry enough to hurt a co-worker within the last 6 months. It is almost common to see something on the nightly news regarding workplace violence, killings, hostage-taking, etc.

Frequently disgruntled employees that have a problem dealing with anger, and take it out on management. Managing anger – from yourself and that of your employees – is something that should be taught in every company. Until you are face-to-face with workplace violence, you will likely underestimate its importance.

Anger problems often begin with lack of respect for other people’s feelings, actions, and believes. People that have trouble dealing with anger management think they are the only ones that matter. They are willing to do nearly anything to anyone without feeling any regret about it. In short, these people are assholes. And we have to deal with them.

Oftentimes managing conflict between employees comes down to one person or another having difficulty dealing with anger appropriately. Usually the best thing to do is to enroll the offending person in anger management classes to help them learn to deal with the emotions that they should have learned to deal with as children, but didn’t.

If these employees that cannot manage anger are not sent to some sort of anger management program, then you will be left to walk on eggshells around them. Everyone will need to change their behavior and work flow in order to accommodate the person that cannot manage their own emotions. This can be a major hindrance to efficient production no matter what the industry.

If you elect to take on this case personally, you must attempt to teach them how to respect others. Teach them not to put down co-workers. Not to insult them. Not to intimidate them. Even if the other party is in the wrong. Being the bigger person has nothing to do with physical size.

If you are struggling with anger management, or you manage an employee with anger management issues, very likely you need to get help. Whether for yourself or a subordinate, anger management is not something that you can tackle alone.