Are You A Good Manager?

What Makes A Good Manager

If you want to know how to be a good manager, job one is to look in the mirror and see what sort of manager you are right now. If you haven’t yet begun your management career you can still analyze your performance in regards to how you manage your kids, or perhaps how you organize any group (sports, parties, etc.)

Those of you that are new to management, but are looking online for management training – I applaud you. So many managers just fumble their way through their jobs causing high turnover, inefficiency, angry subordinates, and becoming very stressed in the process. Taking a little time to read a few instructional articles about what makes a good manager, can completely change your life if you apply what you learn here.

Great managers run an efficient operation and waste very little of the organization’s time or money. Understanding how all the different parts of the company fit together and having their people trained and ready for action is just one of their daily activities. If your subordinates are not trained properly, or don’t show up on time every day…or at all, or are not motivated – you have your work cut out for you. Read about how to motivate your employees.

Good managers are fair and honest with their employees. Your team must be able to trust you with their jobs and not fear your retribution if they displease you. If they screw up and deserve a write up, that’s one thing. But if you simply don’t like them, or don’t like who they hang out with, they should trust that their job is secure. Never threaten someone’s job unless they are breaking company rules / standards in some manner.

Good management is present and accountable every day. What makes a good sales manager, or what makes a good IT manager can be very different, but one thing they both have in common. To be a good manager requires you to work just as hard, or harder than your subordinates. You must work just as long, or longer. You must be there every day that you are supposed to be there. Sometimes calling in sick is not an option. Sometimes vacations get delayed or cancelled.

A great manager also has a strong ability to delegate. As a new manager, you must learn how to delegate effectively to your team. For one thing, most managers simply get loaded down with too much work. There is often a never ending pile of work that must get done. Either you give up your life to do it…or you learn to delegate. This goes hand in hand with managing workload effectively.

A secondary benefit of delegating to subordinate is that they learn some skills that they otherwise would lack. This is good for there careers as well as giving them new tasks that can help to break up the monotony of they’re daily grind. Just be careful not to dump too much on them. They are not there just to do your work for you.

We’ve covered quite a bit so far. Have you looked in the mirror to see what sort of traits you’ve got? Are you a good manager?

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