Being Fair With Your Employees

People Management Skills

Being fair with your employees is one of the foundations of being a good manager. This is one of the best management tips for new managers. Good management training will convince any decent manager that it pays to be fair. That’s not to say you should treat every employee exactly the same. Just be fair.

How To Be Fair To Employees

If you are a believer in employee appreciation as I am, then be sure to spread it around. Don’t give praise only to your favorites, or to the over-achievers. Employee recognition should be something that everyone gets a little bit of. You can find something positive to say about anyone if you think hard enough. Just don’t give out empty ‘good job’s. This cheapens your praise. Find something real to compliment if you are going to bother to do it all.

Giving fair evaluation comments is one of the most important things a manager can do. Seek out proper management training if you need help with this. This is people’s livelihoods on the line. If you can’t be fair and impartial in a job performance evaluation, then you need to learn how to do one properly. Employee evaluation’s are critical to your success as well as your employees’.

There are numerous employee performance appraisals online if you need help. Learn some sample employee evaluation comments if you need some assistance in writing your performance review.

Managing team conflict is another opportunity for you to display your ability to be fair with your employees. Don’t take sides. That is almost never your goal. When dealing with difficult employees in a situation like this, you want to get your employees to see each other’s point of view.

Good managers find that being fair and impartial with their teams builds loyalty and actually helps to motivate their teams. Being fair with your employees is not something that you sometimes do – being fair has to be all the time.

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