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There are a number of different business management styles….old school management style is one that is covered fairly often. Though it has its merits, it is generally not one of the better leadership styles in management for modern business. A few manager styles that are less commonly talked about, but nevertheless exist are hereby listed for your enlightenment.

Whether you have earned an online degree, or gone to school otherwise, you may have noticed that in typical management training, there are other styles of management that are not covered much – if at all. So to impart my wisdom, I’ll share these less talked about types of management styles.

Chicken Little management style. This, of course, is the ‘sky is falling’ management style. Constantly worrying about not producing fast enough. Worrying about each team member, the team, the company. Always waiting for the guillotine blade to drop. This manager sets a bad tone for everyone they manage. They spread worry and stress like a disease.

Seagull management style. This term is more common. This concept is that the manager that flies in, empties their bowels onto you, then flies away. They rarely understand what the job really is but, nonetheless, feel inclined to make a judgemental comment on what is going on, then rush off to a more important engagement.

Ostrich management style. This is the ever-popular strategy of new managers in particular, and seasoned managers at times, to bury their heads and pretend not to know about problems as they arise. Every new manager feels like doing this at times. Grizzled veterans even feel like doing it. But managerial problem solving is something that all managers must learn, and sticking your head in the ground won’t solve anything.

Understanding what your management style is, and what you want it to be is half the battle. Managing styles differ, and some are definitely better than others. If you are searching for management training, or trying to learn some leadership skills – consider managerial problem solving as a possible solution to the issues that you are facing.

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