Career Opportunities


You may be in college and wanting to get a head start on the competition, or maybe you’re looking to change positions, or possibly the economic downturn has finally caught up to you – well help is on the way. Following are some of my favorite sites for helping people find jobs. Some are free, some cost a little, but all are effective. Find a new career whether you’re a marketing manager, help desk manager, an IT director, etc, or even if you just want to jump into management, but have no experience yet!

A really helpful site is In five minutes of work, you can let them perform the remaining sixty hours of work. They will post your resume to 87 job posting websites. I bet you didn’t even know there were 87 job posting websites! These include the most popular sites as well as niche sites most folks are unaware of. Be seen by 1.5 million employers & recruiters instantly! Click Here

The testimonials from this site are pretty amazing.

Image of a mouse linked to a JOB. takes a different route to finding you a job. They focus on recruiters and headhunters. If you are afraid your resume ending up in a digital dumping ground on the job posting sites, this is for you. A targeted, personal approach utilizing industry experts to locate appropriate jobs for you – in your geographical area. If it’s time for a career change, it’s time for

A good free service can be found at Simply fill out the form, submit your resume and let them find a job for you. They offer lots of additional goodies like salary data searches and up to 3 free trade magazine subscriptions to keep you up to speed on your industry while searching for your next career.

Resume, Anyone?

So all of these sites want resumes to distribute  – you don’t want a second-rate resume and cover letter to ruin your chances before even getting a chance to interview. Professional design can make an employer stop and take notice. Many shoddy resumes wind up in the trash – sometimes a minor typo is enough to earn the wastebasket. And a well-written cover letter can be the icing on the cake, too. If you really want to shine – Get Started Now with impressed me immediately when I first visited their site. I had barely arrived, and there was a scrolling list of jobs  – within 5 miles of my home – for managers, leaders, and directors. All paying very handsomely. They’ll also provide you with sample resumes and cover letters to assist your presentation. Let Employers Review Your Resume ONLINE! receives resumes from managers and executives from all over the world. Their selectivity ensures they maintain an extremely high level of talent for their clients. Professional, Managerial & Executive Openings!