Reverse Aging In Your Employees And Reduce Costs

Reverse Aging

Few would argue with the fact that training costs are one of the greatest costs any organization is forced to incur. Even if turnover in your organization is very low, your employees will surely age and retire eventually. After all, the only sure thing in life is death and taxes, right?

Maybe not. Most people roll their eyes at the suggestion that anti aging treatments are being developed at this very moment. ‘Impossible!’ they say. Even as technology produces one miracle after another these days, the majority of people are so cynical that they won’t even consider the idea.

This isn’t about your standard anti aging creams or other useless junk. Aubrey de Grey, author of Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime is an engineer in England working on just this dilemma. And he’s got a real plan to reverse aging… in our lifetimes.

De Grey, first and foremost, is a radical genius. No one questions that fact. And he has laid out a seven part plan to fix the critical things that go wrong as we live our lives and cause us to get old. You see, as an engineer, he sees the human body as a machine with parts that wear out. Granted, the body is one of the most complex machines ever made… but it is still a machine. Replace the parts and it can run indefinitely. Scientists at Harvard have already been able to reverse aging in mice.

Learn more about how to cure aging and donate your time, money, or other resources. If we all give just a few dollars a month to support this amazing research, a cure for aging – and all the diseases and misery that come with it – is possible in our lifetime.

Think about the competitive advantage your company would enjoy if your aging workforce were able to begin undoing the damage years of aging have wrought. Training costs drop, health costs drop, turnover drops… not to mention a happier, younger team!

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