Customer Reward Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs

If you are thinking about starting up a customer reward program, then you are on the right track if you want to increase customer loyalty. Customer rewards programs are one of the best ways to improve sales and improve customer retention.

To be honest, a lot of customer loyalty programs just don’t work like they were designed to work. These are not simple things to put together and more often than not, they are wasted money. The rewards are not enough to affect the behavior of the customer, or the rewards program is too generous to be able to afford it for very long.

You don’t want your loyalty rewards program to just be pushing low price as the prime motivator. This may earn you a few sales, but it if your customer reward program is competing with your daily or weekly sales, then it is ineffective. When your program is set up correctly, it will collect valuable information about your customers as well as providing a valuable cost savings to your customer.

You must define how the loyalty rewards program works as a first step in implementing the program. It must be clear and easy to understand. You also must have a carefully considered reward for the customer. Too little and they’ll ignore it. Too much and you can’t afford it. It may take some trial and error to find the correct mix for optimal customer loyalty.

The best customer rewards programs are built on a progressive scale. This means that the more points they get, the better the rewards. Building your loyalty rewards program in such a manner is the most assured way of building customer loyalty. It is easy to see why. It is in the customer’s own best interest to stick with a company once they’ve begun buying with them.

Often the timing of the loyalty rewards program can be as critical as anything. If you happen to set the length of time to achieve a given reward too far out, your customers will see it as unobtainable. Offer the reward too quickly and they’ll see it as a sale. It has to be just right to encourage the customer loyalty that is so sought after.

It probably goes without saying, but customer loyalty cards are generally the most efficient way of running a rewards program. Cards are cheap and effective. They are a proven technology. Cell phones will someday reach the same level of effectiveness, but they aren’t there yet.

If you desire to implement customer reward programs, these tips can help you start off on the right foot.

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