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Great managers understand that employee recognition goes a long ways. Of course, employees will always complain about money, or the boss, or…whatever. But despite what your underlings are speaking out about, employee appreciation continually comes up at the top of polls regarding satisfaction at work. People want to feel that their work is appreciated. Here are some ideas that don’t cost much, but could have a huge impact on employee motivation.

Start by not waiting for a special event to thank your team for extra work, good ideas, etc. Do it on the spot. Some people will be grateful for a small gesture like this. Some will forget it in five minutes and later accuse you of never giving them an ‘attaboy’. Just make a habit of doing it anyways.

Small tokens of thanks can be more memorable than a casual bit of praise, too. Hallmark makes great cards for employees.

Take an interest in their lives, their weekends, their hobbies. People feel valued when they believe you really care about them.

Offer extra time off during the holiday season. Or offer flexible scheduling if the the workload won’t allow extra time off.

Bring in doughnuts, muffins, or some other treat for your team. Be aware of special dietary needs and provide alternatives if someone is diabetic or something.

Take people to lunch on their birthdays.

Money is always appreciated. If the budget allows, corporate gifts of cash or a Visa gift card for attendance, quarterly bonuses, or a special job can buy some employee loyalty.

Give out recognition award or plaques at end of year meetings, or some other event, to your top performers. These may end up being the same people every year so give out awards for ‘most potential’, ‘most improved’, or something so others can receive awards, too.

Write an employee recognition letter or appreciation letter. A hand written letter from the boss that sincerely thanks someone for their hard work can make a huge difference to an employee.

Not only are these things good ways to show good employee recognition, but if done correctly, these ideas can help to positively reinforce the behaviors and actions that contribute to the goals of the company.

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