Evaluation Comments

Employee Evaluation Form

The evaluation comments that you use in an employee’s performance evaluation, or annual review, can create a sense of teamwork and unity, or it can discourage and tear down someone’s sense of trust in management. A very positive employee appraisal can be undercut by poor evaluation comments. The way you phrase things can make a huge impact on your team.

If you are writing your own employee evaluation form, you’ll have total control over how everything is phrased. For example, you don’t want to phrase any of your headings in a negative way. So if you were ranking the following, consider these changes:

Instead of writing: Not a team player: 1 2 3 4 5
You would write: Always a team player: 1 2 3 4 5


Instead of writing: Frequently absent: 1 2 3 4 5
You would write: Rarely absent: 1 2 3 4 5

Phrasing the employee appraisal comments on the evaluation form in this manner is a subtle, but positive way of re-enforcing what behaviors you really want to encourage.

Consider also all of the factors that you want to judge. To some extent this is industry based. Industrial businesses may want to rank and evaluate on different criteria than a bank, or a church. Many of the traits do carry over, though. ‘Quality of work’ is pretty generic and can be used in many industries.

Sample Performance Evaluation Comments

Another very helpful thing to do when filling out your employee evaluation forms is to add a descriptive evaluation comment to the form. Even if you have to write in the margins. Simply circling a 3 or a 4 doesn’t give a whole lot of feedback to an employee. If the form is filled with circled numbers (or whatever simplistic ranking method you use), the employee likely feels like very little time was invested in it.

Take the time to write some useful comments. If you follow the following link, you’ll find all the free sample performance evaluation comments you’ll ever need. Don’t just copy and paste, though. Think about your employee. Mold these sample comments to their strengths and weaknesses. The right employee evaluation phrase can help to make the numbers you circle mean so much more.

Give Fair Performance Evaluations

It should go without saying, but giving a fair performance evaluation is the only way to get anything useful from it. Many companies do not offer any performance appraisal training so managers make a plethora of mistakes. The whole process can be a waste of time if you as a manager cannot be fair with your employees. Use fair comments for evaluation on your forms.

Another aspect of performance appraisals is that your employee should never be surprised by what your evaluation contains. If they are suprised, then you have not been doing your job. Proper coaching throughout the year is essential to making the most of your appraisal. Coaching and good evaluation comments will help to make your performance review to be as effective as possible.

Here you can find a sample of evaluation comments for your appraisal.