Good Managers Know Stuff

What Makes A Good Manager

So what do good managers know? What makes a good manager better than a bad one? Are good managers smarter? Do they work harder? Do they have better leadership skills? What is a good manager? Here are a few ‘good manager’ skills that you may want to learn.

Decision making is an important skill and usually can only be learned by experience. Of course, if you happen to work for a good manager, you should be asking him or her why they make the decisions they make. Try to understand their thinking.

Effective managers delegate effectively. They know that there are only so many hours in a day and that they must delegate whatever they can, so that they can get done what can’t be delegated. Delegation is essential if you wish to manage employees effectively.

Good managers know that employee appreciation is one of the best ways to motivate a team. If employee recognition isn’t part of a manager’s daily routine, chances are good that morale is bad.

Good managers often have had management training. Not always, but it definitely helps to have a background in managerial training to give a new manager a head start in their career.

Good managers know how to manage workload effectively. They don’t run around getting everyone else worked up because they can’t handle their own workload. Time management is something they deal with on a daily basis.

Good managers know how to motivate your employees. There are entire books on this process, but if a manager can’t motivate employees, they can never accomplish as much as they otherwise could.

Good managers are adept at managing team conflict. Employees bicker and fight all the time. Getting everyone back to work during these workplace crises takes strong leadership. Dealing with difficult employees is also one of the hardest skills to learn.

Good managers understand effective team communication and how critical it is to the get the job done. Communication is hard – even when two parties are speaking directly to each other. Mistakes happen when team communication breaks down.

Good managers know that mistake management is part of the job. Everyone makes mistakes. How those mistakes are handled makes all the difference in the world.

Good managers know that decision making process should be fair no matter what the issue. Especially in reference to the employee evaluation.

Good managers know that managerial problem solving is more than just reporting a problem up the ladder and then forgetting about it. Good managers take action when there is a problem.

And – good managers know how to be a good manager. By that I mean they have taken the time to educate themselves; to learn how to be a good manager; to study themselves as well as their bosses and their peers. Good managers are hard to come by.

Are you a good manager?