How To Get Promoted At Work

Negotiating Techniques

So, you want to know how to get promoted at work. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that there is a formula and a plan that has a decent success rate. The bad news is that it depends on you, and your work history, and your company.

Learning how to negotiate a promotion with your boss is not exactly the same as how to negotiate salary with your boss. Salary negotiation is simply a matter of listing out your skills and talents and comparing them to what the job market is paying, and arguing that you deserve more more money. Okay, maybe its not quite that easy, but it sure is different than negotiating for a promotion.

Negotiating for a promotion starts with having a good work history. If you think you deserve a promotion because you’ve been working somewhere for three whole months… you’re wrong. Take a Valium and chill out. It takes time. Once you’ve been working somewhere long enough to have an idea what job you may aspire to, and after you’ve accumulated enough knowledge and experience to warrant a talk, only then should you ask for a meeting with the boss.

But before you even consider talking to the boss, you’ve got some work to do. Start by scouring various salary survey sites. Look at several sites, search for the job you want, and then take an average. Then take into account where you live. Places like California or New York pay ridiculous salaries due to the ludicrous cost of living. Places like Wyoming or Montana pay much less. That’s ok. The cost of living makes it all relative. Company size is also a factor.

Your initial job is to try and decipher what your salary ought to be for a company your size, and in your location. Once you have done that, begin putting together a document that explains your skills and qualifications for your chosen position, and the salary evaluation techniques. Address why you believe you can perform the stated job,and why you are worth the money.

Keep in mind that no good manager will promote someone else without giving serious thought as to how their promotion will hurt their existing organizational structure. Every promotion hurts the work flow somewhere. Whatever tasks you were performing are now not being done. This is the first thing a manager thinks of when considering a promotion.

Head off this line of reasoning by having an answer for this problem before your boss can think of it. Include in your document the ways in which your existing job duties can be taken care of if you were to be promoted. Consider which job duties you can still perform and which ones could be given to others or farmed out.

Proposing solutions rather than problems is one of the tricks to any negotiation. If you know how to give a good speech, this will help your nerves during this negotiation. The feeling is the same. You’ll be nervous. Run through what you plane on saying before hand. Out loud. Don’t read from your prepared document in the meeting. Just use it as a reference and for your boss to read thoroughly after your meeting.

These tips should give you a good idea how to get promoted at work.