How To Manage Employees In Remote Locations

Companies that are geographically dispersed are faced with the question of how to manage employees in remote locations. There was a time when managing multi-location organizations was a huge challenge, but technology has made things simpler. Communication technology has advanced to a level where people can be in constant contact with each others in real time at practically no cost.

The Internet has revolutionized the field of management by bringing the center of the organization and its employees closer to each other. Email has made it possible to send your messages or documents and data instantly to employees in any part of the world.

There is also the technology of Internet messaging and chat where two individuals sitting at distant locations can communicate with one another in real time. Internet phone has made voice chat a reality, which makes it easy to communicate in distant locations at a fraction of the cost of the traditional telephone.

Video conferencing and web conferencing make it possible for employees in faraway locations to have virtual meetings with top management in real time. Apart from communication management, it is also important in many cases to engage with remote employees at a personal level. For this purpose, a manager from the head office can travel to the location and interact with employees face to face.

If the number of employees at a remote location is substantial, the company may consider appointing a full time country manager to head that location and report to top management. Multi-national companies typically manage their global operations in this way. They appoint a head of the profit center that engages with top management and runs the local operations under the directives of the head office.

Some companies let employees who work from their homes instead of working from the office. This lets them cut the office overhead, and they manage a network of home-based employees or freelancers in dispersed locations. There are also custom made software packages that allow multiple users sitting at different locations to communicate with each other. Therefore, technology is the key to resolving the challenge of managing employees in remote locations. Managing people remotely is easier today then ever before.