Closing The Sale

Closing The Sale

There are no secrets of closing the sale that great salespeople keep from the rookie salespeople. Just perform your sales prospecting to illuminate the great prospects. Though there are many books, seminars, videos, etc., that teach you how to improve sales, the art of closing the sale, only has to do building the close into your routine so as to make it natural.

Closing the sale simply occurs when a buyer has made a decision about your product or service. It could be positive… it could be negative. “Maybe” doesn’t count as closing a sale. “Maybe” wastes time and ties up resources. Better to secure a “No” than to waste time on a “Maybe”.

Sales Closing Techniques

Discover your customer’s needs and secure your customer’s agreement that you have them right.
Offer your recommendations to fill your customer’s needs and secure your customer’s agreement that these would, indeed, fill their needs. Offer your proposal and secure your customer’s agreement that all the details (while leaving out the price) are acceptable. Selling exactly what your customer wants will increase customer loyalty like nothing else.

Closing sales can be as simple and natural as asking for the order. But not too soon. And don’t wait too long! So how do you know when is the right time? When you’ve earned it. Only when you have completed all of the above techniques have you earned the right to close the sale.

So how do great salespeople go about closing a sale? They simply ask for it! This can occur in several different ways depending on your personality.
Direct: “I’ve shown you all of our options. Are you ready to order?”
The Assumed Close: “When would you like your order delivered?”
Alternative Option: “Would you like to start with a full order, or would a partial be better?”

There are many other variations on these closing techniques, but it is often better to keep it simple. If you are overly complicated, it can come across as deceptive and/or “scammy”.

Once you’ve planned everything out and screwed up your courage to ask for their business… keep your mouth shut! Your customer should be the next one to speak. You may indicate a lack of confidence if you speak after asking your closing question. This can be a big deal-killer.

If you are interested in closing sales, it takes practice and these sales closing techniques will not come naturally to everyone. The real secret of how to close a sale is simply to performing the closing techniques listed above and practicing until you can naturally ask for the sale at the appropriate time.