Managerial Skills

Good Manager Skills

This partial sentence “A good manager is someone who…” is a great way of analyzing what you think a good manager does, and for comparing your managerial skills to that model.. Of course, a good manager to me may be a bad manager for you, and vice versa. But let’s see if we can come up with a few actions that we can all agree on.

Being fair with your employees – This is something a good manager takes very seriously. If you are not fair, you don’t belong in management. Good managers understand the difference between treating all of their employees the same versus treating them all fairly.

How to motivate your employees – This can be one of the toughest managerial skills to learn. Especially if you are new to management. Your employees may not respect you as a leader yet and may be testing your resolve. Reading up on how to build strong leadership skills will help you to conquer this challenge.

Managing team conflict – Another tough situation for new managers. It is natural in any work setting for there to be conflict. People love to bitch, and complain, and pout, and fight with their fellow co-workers. Some employees will tend to be more difficult than others. You’ll need to put the brakes on this problem quickly, either by trying to coach them, or by terminating them.

Managerial problem solving – As a manager, you’ll run across all sorts of problems. Some may be easy to solve, some may be very difficult. But managerial problems must be solved. You can’t just announce a problem to the higher-ups and leave it in their lap. I suppose you could… but you wouldn’t be manager for very long. Present solutions, not problems, to the boss.

– Decision making ability – Indecisive managers are always more stressed out more than necessary. Their problem is that the act of making a decision causes them anxiety. There are plenty of other stress-creating events each day for a manager, and decision making should not be one of them. At least for the common, everyday things. If making decisions is tough for you, it may be due to a lack of planning. Spend more time oranizing and getting your thoughts together to overcome this problem.

So, after all that, now compare yourself to the model above and ask yourself “Are you a good manager?”