Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation Skills Training

So you’d like some negotiation skills training? Everyone needs to negotiate something in life. Maybe you are looking to buy a car or a new home. Maybe you need to know how to negotiate salary with your boss. Maybe you need to know how to negotiate with vendors and suppliers at work. Maybe you are negotiating with your kids over bedtime. Whatever the case, negotiation skills come in handy in a variety of situations, and the more you know the better off you’ll be. Here’s your quick negotiation training course.

“The Wince” is a favorite of many negotiators. This can be defined as any visible reaction to your opponent’s offer. The wince tells them that they are asking for too much. Possibly way too much.

“Silence” is often thought to be a powerful negotiating tactic. The idea is that after your opponent has stated their position, you just sit and stare at them. They will then feel uncomfortable in the silence and will talk to fill the void. This talking leads to a reduction of their terms. Personally, I think silence is overrated.

“Reducing Choice” can be an effective method. Using this particular method, you only offer the things that you find acceptable. Usually just two or three options so as not to overwhelm your opponent.

“The Trial Balloon” is often successful because it sounds so reasonable. Suggest that your opponent just try it your way for a while and see what they think. With any luck, they’re satisfied and you’ve won a long term battle without having to fight that hard for it.

“Linking” is an effective way of connecting what they want with what you want. It is also one of the best ways for both parties to win. “I’ll do this, if you do that.”

“Leaking” can work in some situations. This is the act of purposely letting the opponent in on some misleading inside information. Letting the car sales person “overhear” you discussing your child’s upcoming surgery with your spouse might be an example.

The “Empty Pockets” approach is tough to argue with. Pleading poverty or the fact that you just can’t afford whatever your opponent is offering can’t really be overcome by most negotiators. There’s just nothing that can be done except to lower their demands.

The “Walk Away” can be the most effective of them all. You just have to be prepared to actually walk away. If you are, then you can get up from the table, thank them for their time, and leave. This is an unspoken ultimatum and it forces them to take immediate action to try and save the deal. Of course, they also may let you leave.

This brief negotiation skills training can help to get you what you want in a variety of situations.