Online Business Opportunities

Start Your Own Online Business

Online business opportunities are becoming more and more abundant every day. Partly due to the faltering economy and the sea of unemployed workers searching for ways to make money online, and partly due to the ease of making extra income online for those that just need to supplement their salaries. There are a number ways for you to begin your online business.

By this, I mean starting up your own website with the intent of making money online. This is not your typical self indulgent blog just commenting on life or complaining about the boss. This is a focused website with content written with targeted traffic in mind so that you can sell them a product, service, or at least get them to click on you Google ads.

I’m not big on referring people on this site, but there is only one site I trust for teaching you how to build a “make money online” website. (TKA) is miles ahead of anyone else at teaching how to build a structured, profitable website. They’ll teach you search engine optimization strategies (SEO), how to get traffic, what to do with the traffic, etc. They’ll also give you your first month free! They’re that sure of their ability to teach you how to make money from home via the Internet. TKA is the only site that I will directly promote on this site.

Promote Products Online

This way to make money online is somewhat tied to the next method, but is a slightly different strategy. There are several article directory sites that you can submit articles to – and if people click on an ad, or buy a product you recommended – they will pay you. Amazon and eBay are the two best affiliate marketing sites. You write recommendations, and if someone buys a product after being referred through your link, you get a commission.

Write For Cash

Even if you want to make money online under 18 there are ways to do so and many teenagers (as well as adults, of course) are taking advantage of this online business opportunity. Go to or or any of several sites like these and you can write anything original that you want. Write about games, movies, musicians, desks, chairs…anything. They will automatically populate your article with relevant ads. You earn a commission when someone clicks your ads. Some people earn a living online just by writing articles like these.

Take A Survey

There are also a lot of survey sites where you can earn easy online money. Project Payday and Cash Crate are widely regarded as two legitimate places to do this. I’ve not tried them, but have heard of folks making a few dollars an hour in their spare time. Not exactly an online business opportunity, but at least a way to earn a few dollars to help pay the bills.