Passive Income Opportunities

Online Marketing

If you are looking for passive income opportunities then Internet marketing may be the option for you. Thousands of Internet marketers make money online in this manner and earn a nice living, too.That’s not to say that it is easy or requires no work, but it is definitely one of the most viable online business opportunities.

Here’s the way it works. Begin by starting up a website or blog. Pick a niche that you know something about. Be careful what you name the site. Your main keyword should be in your URL. And dot-com sites tend to rank better than dot-net sites or dot-anything else sites. Choosing a wise site name can have a huge impact on how you rank early on.

Eventually you’ll be able to overcome whatever you name your site, but in the beginning, it makes a big difference. The search engine (SE) bots need help in determining what your site is about when you don’t have much content or backlinks. Your ranking will suffer and your website ads may not be targeted.

Once you’ve got your site named with your main keyword, then write a few articles. 5 or 10 articles will do. You don’t need a huge site for your online earning needs. Just be sure to write very targeted articles. Don’t over use your main keyword, but use lots of ‘cousin keywords’. These are words that are related to your main keyword.

Use Google’s free keyword tool to help uncover appropriate cousin keywords. Just type in your keyword and perform a search. Then pick appropriate ‘cousin keywords’ that you can slip into your content naturally.

In addition to putting your main keyword in your URL, also be sure to place your keyword in your page title. Then use it in the first and last sentence of your page. Other than that, just use it naturally throughout the rest of the article. Don’t keyword stuff.

Now you’ve got a few articles written and published. But you’ve got no traffic right? You’ll get no passive income without traffic. To get traffic you need to be at the top of the search results when someone is searching for your keyword. But there are hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of sites on your subject. So how do you beat them?

This is where the real work comes in. The way that Google knows that which sites to put at the top of the search results is by measuring how many other websites are linking to yours. These are called one-way links, or back links. It is likely that zero (or very few) sites are linking to you. So Google doesn’t rank you very high.

But you can influence your rankings by writing an article for an article directory and placing a link or two within that article that points to your site. Using what are called anchor links, you can begin to convince Google that your site is worth paying attention to. Anchor links are when you see a link like make money online and it is linked to some site. When you see ‘click here’ and it is linked to a site, it isn’t very helpful.

The reason ‘click here’ doesn’t help your search rank is that Google also tracks what words are used to link to a site. So if you have 1,000 links to your site and they all say ‘click here’ – then that’s exactly what you’ll rank for. What you want to rank for is your keyword.

The more unique articles you can write and post to the various article directories with properly anchored keywords, the more you’ll rise in the search engines. It will take time. Google can’t crawl the entire web every day. It tends to make sweeps of a given site in cycles. Some get crawled every day; others once a week, or once a month. While you are waiting for your site to rise in search results, continue to build back links.

When you begin to get some steady traffic go to Google and sign up for AdSense. This is their program that places ads in or around (your choice) your articles. It is super easy to use and practically runs itself. Just copy a bit of code from Google and paste it on your site. When people click the ads, you make a portion of the click charge. Depending on the value of your keywords, this could be a few cents or a few dollars per click.

Once you sit atop the search engine results pages (SERPs) for you keyword you have two options. Sit back and collect the AdSense cash, or build another niche site and do the whole thing over again. This is called rinse and repeat. One site is rarely enough to quit your job, but it does qualify as passive income once you’ve put in enough work.

If you elect to build a second site, there are two ways to go. Build a new site around a new niche and follow the plan. Or build a new site about exactly the same niche and follow the plan. Doing this helps to ensure that you get even more of the coveted search traffic. Being in first place gets most of the traffic… but imagine if you had first and second place. Or all of the top ten. You could completely own give niche.

This is a fairly brief overview of all the things that go into making money online. If you want to really learn how to make money online, then the guys at The Keyword Academy have got a structured plan for achieving your goal. I use it. You can join free for a month to try it out. After that it only costs $33 a month. TKA is the best place to learn and they don’t cheat anyone.

Internet marketing is one of the best and most reliable passive income opportunities that you’ll ever find.