Project Management Training

Project Management Courses

You don’t need to go to the Project Management Institute (PMI) to get your project management training. You may, however, need to take some project management courses in order to understand everything that you need to take on this job. It is much more complicated than it sounds.

Project management is not about taking on a small project at work that will take a few days or a couple of weeks to complete. The same principles apply to a small project like this, but the extraordinary level of detail required by true project management would far outweigh the benefit for a small project.

Project managers that handle very large, very complex, long term projects are generally the ones that have some project management training in their background. If you are interested in such training, classes can often be found at your local community college. There is actually little difference between these local classes and what you’ll learn at the PMI.

Consider using some project management software like MicroSoft Project. While MS Project is easy to use, that doesn’t make it any less valuable. The simple Gantt chart alone is worth the price of the software. Successful project management is more than simply putting together a to do list. Gantt charts help to plan out every stage of the project in excruciating detail. There are also several free project management software suppliers out there.

Start by establishing the project goals with the major stakeholders. Then start breaking the project into individual tasks, goals, and objectives. Define the deliverables, and set the schedule. Once this is done, plug your data into a Gantt chart.

Gantt charts also show, in addition to every task in the project, every start and stop time for each task. This helps to see when one task starts, and the previous task ends. Ideally these won’t confict!

Bear in mind that only a very special subset of people will successfully become project managers. Pick up a text book, or search online (or the perimeter of this page) for project management training and you’ll likely need to grab a pillow. This stuff is dry, and complex, and most folks just don’t want to study it.

If you are the right sort of person for project management, you will be in very high demand. Much like doctors and lawyers, so few people can do the job well that anyone who does succeed can command a high salary. Project management is not for the lazy.