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Business Management Books

There are many hundreds – or thousands – of management books out there. Lucky for you, New Manager, I enjoy reading them. I’ve read some that go on my bookshelf for later reference or to loan to other managers that work with me. I’ve also read some that get dropped off at the local used book store never to be seen again. Not every business book is worth reading, you see.

The benefit to you is that you’ll only see the ones that are worth reading on this site. However, I think of management in broader terms than a lot of people. Some of my recommendations are books that may not pertain directly to management, but do apply if given some thought. The best ones are the ones that make you change the way you think about a subject. Mind-expanding, game-changing ideas that will make you a better manager – and a better person. 

Manager reading an insightful book about Management.

Try The Kindle 3

If you’re the type that doesn’t want to lug around books everywhere, you may enjoy the new Kindle 3 by Amazon. This amazing eReader has broken all sorts of records for sales. You can read this review of Kindle 3 to see if it is something you would enjoy.

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