Review – 101 Tough Conversations To Have With Employees

This is probably one of the most essential books that any manager should have on their bookshelf. Every chapter is full of useful advice that can be referenced throughout a career. Every manager dreads these tough conversations with employees, but Falcone gives great advice for handling them.

Falcone writes in an easy, casual manner about the pitfalls and challenges of today’s manager. His insights are usually dead on. This should be required reading for any new supervisor. Most experienced managers could probably learn an awful lot from this book, too.

There is a sample conversation for each of the 101 scenarios that shows the rookie leader effective ways to talk to their subordinates in a positive way that will not alienate anyone.

And Falcone covers a wide array of topics that is bound to come up in any manager’s career. A sampling of topics include:

  • Stopping Attitude Problems in Their Tracks
  • Inappropriate Dress
  • Lack of Quality, Detail, or Efficiency
  • Failure to Follow Through, or "Dropping the Ball"
  • Excessive Time Spent on the Internet
  • Excessive Unshceduled Absence
  • Tattletales, Gossipmongers, and Snitches
  • Whiners and Complainers
  • Mediating Disputes Among Subordinates
  • Suspected Alcoholism or Substance Abuse

Of course, there are many other topics that are very valuable. You never know what you’ll be presented with each day and this book will help you prepare for the unknown.