Review – Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

This book about business is written in the form of a novel.  Many complain about the simplicity of the novel, but that simplicity helps the message it is communicating to shine through.  This is a short book with a common sense message that is almost always ignored: the power of choosing your attitude. We can all choose to be miserable at work (and in life), or we can choose to be positive and spread that positivity around.

Fish! is written in a style similar to Who Moved My Cheese? While I was not a huge fan of Who Moved My Cheese?, this book was much more enjoyable. The insights are better, and the story line is better.

In Fish!, follow Mary Jane as she is promoted to manager of a department that co-workers refer to as the toxic energy dump. The people in her new department are bored and show it. They don’t seem to care about getting things done on time, or getting things right.  They don’t think their job matters and so their performance is lackluster. Anyone would be frustrated with a group of people like this to manage.

When Mary Jane stumbles across a fun, lively work environment that she wants to reproduce, her education in attitude and energy benefits all of us. With some creative thought, the lessons she learns can be applied to any workplace. You will have to determine how to use these lessons for yourself, but knowing the lessons is half the battle.

This book is also a quick read and would be a good possibility for having an entire team read. If your whole team is on board, change is much easier to accomplish.

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