Sales Territory Management

The Art Of Sales Territory Management

As a salesperson your primary objective must be to find clients in your sales territory, successfully retain them as clients, and maintain the relationship beyond that. Many sales people underestimate their potential by passing over potentially lucrative clients while they labor under the misconception that landing clients is simply a matter of luck. These sales territory management tips should change the way you think about your clients.

The reality is that your sales could be much higher than they are currently, if only you could learn the lost art of sales territory management. So let’s talk about how to manage territory.

Sales territory management is about attracting clients, serving them well, and making sure an everlasting business partnership is created. So what, then, is the first and foremost thing you should incorporate into your sales initiatives in order to support the objective of keeping a portfolio of clients?

Sales Management Tip # 1: Consistency

Consistency is all about maintaining a standard, i.e., delivering the same quality of service as that which helped you land the customers you have now. Once you have landed an account, absolutely do NOT slack off and coast. Getting the sale is the hard part. Keeping a customer happy should be the easy part of the job. Don’t forget do it, though.

Sales Management Tip # 2: Visibility

Visibility is critical to maintaining a relationship in sales. Never for a minute think that your current clients will be loyal enough to look out for your welfare. Sometimes they will stay with you in the name of loyalty. Or laziness. But in order to stay in partnership with most companies, some form of advertising or marketing is going to be very important. Consider distributing literature concerning seasonal deals or special offerings as this will immediately alert them of your being around before they switch over to other companies for business.

Sales Management Tip # 3: Communication

Setting up appointments and maintaining a good level of communication is key to nurturing a lasting relationship. Whenever you have business meetings, try to invite some of the business executives of the companies you do business with. In a variety of ways this lets them know that they are in partnership and that their interests and yours are equally shared. After having business meetings it will be advisable to continue communicating with them as a way of following up on agreements reached during meetings.

Utilizing these sales management tips, ou should be able to increase your own sales plus, of course, your business will grow faster than it otherwise would. Sales territory management is never an easy task, but it is worth the effort.

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