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Customer Service Training

Have you ever been promised something by a customer service representative (CSR) or salesperson, and then been disappointed by the results? Did this leave you with a sour taste in your mouth about the whole company? Probably. One surly employee, or missed phone call, or late appointment can cast a shadow over an entire corporation – fair or not. Customer service training is desperately needed in many companies.

What Is Consistent And Reliable Customer Service?

Consistent and reliable customer service is the most important factor in customer service excellence to customers. Physical appearance is often the most important, and focused on, factor to companies. It is easier to pay attention to uniforms and hygiene than to address poor customer service skills. This will cost many companies a lot of money over time, and may eventually run them out of business.

Poor reliability costs time, money, and customers. As a purchasing manager, I’ve frequently crossed vendors off my list when they have failed to deliver product when they said they would. Even the best prices or best quality could not lure me back. If you can’t deliver when I need it, and I can’t RELY on your word, then you are forcing me to look elsewhere.

Focusing on customer service reliability will keep your customers from looking at your competition. Punctuality is on aspect of reliable customer service. Consumers in America complain about waiting more than anything else. Don’t keep them waiting! There is plenty of competition out there. Your customers will find it if you cannot keep them pleased in a timely manner.

Consistent reliable customer service also applies to having items in stock when they should be. If you are constantly out of items that customers are looking for, you are not very reliable and they will shop your competitors to find what they want. Invest in a good inventory tracking software to help if you need it, but don’t ignore this problem.

Reliable and consistent customer service applies to pricing as well. If you are advertising best prices (explicit or implied), you had better be sure you really have the best prices. You’ll never be able to secure repeat business from loyal customers if they feel they’ve been tricked or cheated by your prices. I always recall hearing Ultimate Electronics boast about checking their competitors prices (so we didn’t have to!) to be sure Ultimate Electronics was the lowest. Whenever I browsed their store, I was stunned by their high prices. Eventually they went bankrupt.

Example Of Poor Customer Service

Have you ever been the last patrons sitting in a restaurant at night? How welcome did the wait staff or cleaning crew make you feel? Were they turning off lights? Locking the door? Asking you to raise your feet so they could sweep? All customers should be made to feel welcome and appreciated whether they are the first or last customers of the day.

Companies with poor customer service just can’t last very long. There is too much competition in the age of the Internet and globalization. Training customer service to promise big – then over-deliver can pay off with fantastic customer loyalty. If your customer’s service is never found lacking, they’ll never have a reason to look elsewhere.

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