Let’s Define Customer Service

Define Customer Service

Believe it or not, most people who work in customer service don’t really understand it at all. At best, they learn a few basic tips when they are first starting out and have a glimmer of an idea of the importance of keeping customers happy. Once they’ve been at it awhile, many grizzled customer service representatives (CSRs) get jaded and begin to see customers as the enemy. This is the worst possible thing for your sales and for your company.

Every single person that works in customer service (and everyone up to the CEO for that matter) must understand that happy customers are the lifeblood of a company. Customers pay the company’s bills. Customers sign the paychecks. Customers are the reason we all get out of bed in the morning and go to work. Without customers, we are all doomed.

So what is good customer service?

Great customer service is the act of keeping customers happy. Not just satisfied. Who wants to be satisfied? I want to be thrilled by a company. I want to be wowed by service. I want my socks to be knocked off to the point that I’m actively telling people about what a great experience I just had with Company X.

All of us can cite examples of companies with bad customer service. Cell phone companies and insurance companies come to mind. The effects of bad customer service are devastating. A commonly cited statistic is that it costs six times more to attract a new customer than it costs to maintain a happy one. And angry customers will reportedly tell 11 people about their bad experience, while only 3 people will brag about their good experience. Fair? No. But it illustrates just how important good customer service is.

How often do you complain about bad service?

Strong customer service skills must be utilized on a daily basis to not only keep customers from becoming upset, but to actively keep them happy. You often will never know that an upset customer vows to never return. They’re just gone.

Ways To Improve Customer Service Skills

Reliability – Keep your word. Under-promise and over-deliver. If you promise more than you can deliver, you are setting yourself and your company up for failure.

Extra Mile – Go above and beyond. Do it unexpectedly and surprise your customers.

Pleasant Personality – Smile. Be friendly. Learn your customer’s names or what they like. People like to be remembered. It makes them feel important and that you really care about them.

Enthusiasm – Get excited about your job and your role in helping your customers achieve their goals. Your enthusiasm will be contagious.

Action – Get moving! Rather than talk about what needs to be done to solve a problem, or complaining about the problem, get going. Take action and solve issues for your customers.

Thank You – An attitude of gratitude should be applied throughout life. Many in customer service take the attitude that customers owe them their business. This is not the case. Showing your gratitude for being given orders conveys appreciation for customers. And everyone wants to be appreciated.

These helpful customer service tips will help you to earn repeat business from your customers.

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