Managerial Training

Managerial Training

The importance of training and development, in particular managerial training, cannot be stressed enough. Management training is so often overlooked, but a good manager must have the necessary leadership skills. Good managers are able to get the most out of their team members, and without strong business training, many of the folks that are new to management tend to struggle.

Again, the importance of education can make the difference between a well-run organization and a haphazardly run organization. An educated manager should understand what they can say, or not say, to their subordinates. As a new manager, if you’ve had a coach, you will understand being fair with your employees. You’ll have sound business decision making skills.

If you’re having trouble dealing with difficult employees, you’ll crave some good business advice. Perhaps you’ll want to enact a progressive discipline policy if you have a slow employee who needs some help or additional job training. Dealing with slow workers is sometimes a matter of motivation. If you are struggling to motivate employees, and having little luck, you surely understand the frustration of not knowing how to get the most from your team.

It all boils down to good managerial training. There’s only so much you can get from business management books. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve read them all and wholeheartedly believe that any new manager should read every management book they can get their hands on in the first few months.

But a lot of business management books gloss over important aspects of how to be a good manager. A short class or seminar can cover an awful lot of the things that the books leave out. In addition, some of the classes do a few brief group exercises that can more than pay for the experience. I’ll write more about that in a future post. Just trust me that the classes are totally worth it.

If you are a manager and would like some additional leadership coaching, or something more specific like managerial problem solving, or managing team conflict, or how to delegate effectively, ask your boss if there is a program at your company that would help with the funding.

If you are the boss and are looking to improve the skills and abilities of your managers, you should strongly consider giving them some formal managerial training.