Salary Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation Training Courses

There are quite a few salary negotiation tactics out there, but not all of them are appropriate for negotiating with your boss. If you want to know how to negotiate salary with your boss, or how to negotiate a promotion, or any other thing… the key is which negotiation strategy you use.

There are white hat strategies and black hat strategies. Some negotiation tactics border on blackmail or extortion. Obviously I’d recommend NOT using those. Before searching out higher level negotiation courses, consider these helpful tips:

The Better Offer: This can be risky. I knew a very competent, professional woman who did not want to leave her job. She went to her boss and advised him that she had received an offer to work elsewhere. She expected him to discuss benefits, salaries, and such. He just said “Well, good luck to you!” She was stunned. Luckily she really did have a better offer out there.

Bluff: Your own risk tolerance will tell you if this is worthwhile. If you don’t happen to have a ‘Better Offer’ and you try to bluff, it could backfire. See above.

Lay Your Cards On The Table: State your case as clearly and concisely as possible. Be persuasive. Leave it at that. Either your boss give you what you want, or some variation, or not. Then you get to decide what you’d like to accept. This puts you in the driver’s seat.

Doomsday: Paint a very bleak picture of how things are going, or how they will go without you around. Don’t go too overboard, but stress your importance to the organization and how you can fix things or keep them from getting worse.

Flattery: One of the oldest techniques, even some very experienced managers fall for this one. If you think you are too proud for this tactic, you can enjoy your pride with a smaller paycheck or while unemployed. Everyone else can break out some lip balm.

Highball: Ask for much more than you want and let your boss whittle down your demands. He or she will feel proud of themselves while you end up with exactly what you wanted… or maybe more!

Non-Negotiable: Keep at least one item non-negotiable so that your most important item will not be touched. Use in conjunction with Nibbling and Padding.

Nibbling: Constantly add small demands to your list. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some, but none of them really matter all that much.

Padding: Add one or two non-negotiable items that you don’t mind losing. This will really make an impact when you give up on something that appears to have been very important to you.

Quivering Quill: Just before signing, ask for a small concession or two. This is especially effective after a long negotiation session. Your boss may just give in to get the process over with.

A little negotiation training can go a long way. And knowing how to negotiate with your boss can help to make your work experience more financially rewarding as well as more enjoyable. Use some of these salary negotiation tactics and enjoy the results!