Ten Management Tips for New Managers

I guess there were more than Ten Steps to Managing Your Employees Effectively, my first article on management tips. There may be one or two that overlap, but only due to their importance. Not everyone will read both articles (though they should!), so I doubled up.

Whatever your job title, your job is managing people – not improving sales, or accounts receivable, or communications or any other business function. The people you manage are not like machines. Their moods and attitudes and energy levels vary from day to day, just as yours do. However much you wish they would stay the same each day, the people you manage are complicated and it’s important for you to be alert to their changes. Without further ado, here are my management tips for managers.

During the first few days of your new job, take time to get to know all your people. Find out more than their job and career aspirations, learn about what they enjoy doing outside of working hours. Appreciate their uniqueness.

Learn how to deal with difficult employees and challenging situations. The key to managing staff who are resentful or troublesome is open and honest discussion of their issues before they escalate into huge problems.

Avoid actions that might give the impression that you are an arrogant know-it-all and think you are smarter than everyone else. It may not be necessary to come in as a new manager and make a lot of changes so that your stamp is on the department. Your employees will respond to perceived arrogance with resentment.

Accept that anything – good or bad – that happens in your department is your responsibility. If you are not comfortable with taking responsibility for your department’s failures as well as its successes, maybe you are not ready for a management role.

Be aware that there are bound to be conflicts between what benefits your staff and what is good for the corporation, and you will have to live with the decisions you make. You will not be able to please everyone all of the time.

Just like your staff, you are human. You can show your emotions, it’s part of being an honest manager.

Keep your sense of humor. Work doesn’t have to be deadly serious all the time.

Make your workplace an honest and open forum. Expect your staff to be sincere, and show them that you can be trusted.

Defend your employees, and earn their loyalty in return.

Study the above nine tips for new managers. The tenth tip is: remember that management is not for everyone.

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