Tips For Effective Team Communication

Communication Skills Training

Effective team communication is one of the hardest things for any organization to deal with. Miscommunication happens even when everyone is actively trying to understand each other. It just gets worse when a few simple rules are broken. Being clear and concise, actively listening, and organizig your thoughts can help to improve your communication skill. If these three things are followed by all team members, you will surely improve business communication within your group.

Start your communication skills training by mastering these techniques yourself. Then you can begin teaching to your subordinates. Learn to respect each other’s time. No one enjoys listening to someone else ramble on about their sick dog, or their last job, or how they just hate that lady in Accounting. Everyone is busy. Get to the point.

Even if the topic is work related, a repetitive speaker is a time waster. Communication should be quick and clear so people can get back to work. If a legitimate topic comes up that will take more time to discuss, then schedule a meeting to talk about it. Consider adopting a internal communication strategy template to help.

Next, think about active listening. Distractions make it difficult for anyone to communicate effectively. Close the door, maintain eye contact, and give your full attention to the speaker. Once you start thinking about what needs to be done after your meeting, or what’s for dinner tonight, you’ve probably lost track of what the speaker is saying. Even if you are truly listening, repeat back what you understood the speaker to say to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Finally, organize your thoughts. If you are the kind of person that has ideas popping into your head all the time and as fast as you think of them they are coming out of your mouth – that’s hard for a listener take. Jumping from one subject to another may seem natural to you, but for many people, they need to focus on one thing at a time.

Business communication trends in the workplace are all pointing towards greater degrees of sharing information. These steps cultivate a highly effective team communication style and can also help in managing team communication as well as foster a pleasant and productive working environment.

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